I – Strategic Planning

Participated and led several teams in developing strategic plans for national sectors such as ministries, universities, and other institutions. This included roles such as; supervision, reviewing, facilitating, and contributing to the development of long and short-term plans. Effective planning tools were adopted that ensure instilling the strategic thinking culture, capacity building, and knowledge transfer to the clients and stakeholders.

  • Deputy Director, Strategic Plan for Saudi Higher Education (AAFAQ Project), 2006- 2009
  • Strategic Plan Reviewer, The National Center for Academic Accreditation and Assessment, 2016 
  • Leader, Advising Team, Tatweer Educational Technologies Company (TETCO), 2022
  • Leader, Advising Team, National Assessment Center Strategy Development (QIYAS), 2015
  • External Project Advisor, KACARE Strategy for Human Capacity Building, 2020
  • Project Leader, Development of Strategic Plan for Saudi Justice System (ADEL Project)
  • Project Leader, Development of Strategic Plan for the Two Holy Mosques (HARAMIN Project)
  • External Reviewer and Advisor, Strategy and Institutional Identity, King Faisal University. 2019
  • Consultant, Development of Strategic Plan and Restructuring for Hafr Albatin University, 2020
  • Consultant, Development of Strategic Plans for Islamic University, 2013 and 2016
  • Consultant, Development of Strategic Plan for Prince Sattam University, 2013
  • Deputy Chair, Development of 1st and 2nd strategic plan for (KFUPM)
  • Leader, Consulting Team for Strategic Plan for Northern Boarder University, 2013
  • External Reviewer, King Khalid University, 2021
  • Consultant, Strategy for Developmental Housing Organization (SAKAN)
  • External Consultant, Strategic Plan for the Academic Support sector, Princess Norah University

II – Studies & Projects on Higher Education

Participated in many key studies and projects and provided valuable enrichment to their outcomes. This included areas in higher education such as; policies, governance, assessment and accreditation, quality assurance, alignment to the job market, enhancing efficiency, and improving performance. Most of these studies and projects were well-received, supported, executed. They resulted in significant impact on universities and higher education in the Kingdom.

  • Member, Saudi Public Universities Readiness Study, 2024
  • Advising Team Leader, Saudi Higher Education Landscape & Mission Differentiation Project, 2023
  • Team Leader, Studt on Student Access & Admission at Saudi Universities, 2023
  • Team leader, Development of Saudi Emerging Universities Project, 2022
  • Project Consultant, Enhancement of Efficiency and Effectiveness in Saudi Universities, 2021
  • Project Consultant, Cost Management and Accounting Project, MoE, 2021
  • Project Team member, Developing Institutional Autonomy at Saudi Universities, MoE, 2021
  • Member, Scientific Committee of the Education and Training Evaluation Commission, 2019-2020
  • Chairman, Committee on Inquiries about National Qualification Framework, 2020
  • Advisor, Students Exchange and Internationalization Study, MoE, 2018
  • Reviewing Committee member, Applied Universities Project, MoE, 2017
  • Reviewing Team member, Transforming Universities to Non-Profit Institutions, MoE 2017
  • Steering Committee member, Education and Labor Market Alignment Project, MoE 2018
  • Technical Team Member, Saudi University Credit Study System, 2016 

III – Development of Academic Leaders

Contributed to the development of academic leaders at Saudi Universities as advisor and Director of Academic Leadership Center. This included the formulation of the delivery framework, design and implementation of training, mentorship, and coaching programs, evaluation of training, and attracting international speakers and experts. The academic leaders included university presidents, Vice rectors, deans, and chairmen. A total of 200 programs were conducted with nearly 6000 participants.

  • Director of the Academic Leadership Center, Ministry of Education, 2017-2019
  • Advisory Team member, The Academic Leadership Center, 2016-2019
  • Team Member, Leadership Program Development, KFUPM 2018-2020
  • Conducting training programs and workshop on higher education for academic leaders

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